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Temp Probe Sensor (ETN100)



This sensor requires a Sensor Hub to be used with eGauge energy meters.

The eGauge Temp Probe Temperature Sensor (ETN100) connects directly to any EG4xxx series meter (Pro or Core) through a Sensor Hub, allowing for remote temperature monitoring.  The ETN100 has an accuracy of  ± 0.5° C and can be auto-detected with CTid®.  Simply connect the ETN100 to a Sensor Hub using the included 7' RJ11 communications cable, attach the probe to what you want to measure, detect the sensor using CTid® and start recording temperatures.


  • Temp Probe Sensor (ETN100)
  • 33" (0.82m) Wired Probe
  • 7ft RJ11 Communicates Cable

Tech Specs

  • 0°C to 100°C (32°F to 212°F) Temperature Range
  • CTid® auto-configure
  • CTid® LED
  • Accuracy: > ± 0.5° C (typical) 
  • Extruded Aluminum Enclosure
  • 2-year Limited Warranty
  • 26 x 26 x 40 (mm) 
  • 1.02 x 1.02 x 1.57 (in.)


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