SIM Card for eGauge Data Plan




Data plans provided by eGauge Systems are for use in the United States and Puerto Rico. Please check the T-Mobile Coverage Map to verify coverage in your area prior to purchasing. Map coverage is not a guarantee of service. Factors such as antenna height and building materials will affect signal level.

Included is a SIM card and instructions for activating a data plan to access eGauge meter data over a cellular network. This can be used in conjunction with our Cell Router. Cellular network access is a good alternative for environments without reliable ground-based internet access.

SIM Cards are shipped unactivated. Data plans are $20 per month per line, and instructions for activation are included with the card. Data access will not be enabled until a data plan has been activated.

Bandwidth and Data Usage - Standard data plans managed by eGauge Systems have 2GB guaranteed monthly data usage available. If this usage is exceeded, and it is in the opinion of the carrier or eGauge Systems that excessive data usage is caused by non-eGauge related equipment or other unauthorized usage or misuse, actions such as temporary suspension, line termination, or requirement for a higher tiered rate plan may be taken. No data overage fees are charged. For more information, please refer to our Policies.