DIN Rail Mounting Kit



The eGauge Mounting Kit is an accessory for securing an eGauge Pro, Core, or Lite energy meter to a piece of DIN rail or another surface. The kit comes with one DIN clip that is screwed directly into the meter, one L-bracket for using the DIN clip at a 90-degree angle to the mounting surface, and all necessary screws to connect each piece. The versatility of this kit gives installers many options for securely mounting their eGauge energy meter to DIN rail inside of an enclosure. In addition, the L-bracket can be used independently of the DIN clip so installers can mount the eGauge meter directly to a wall or other surface.


  • DIN Clip
  • Right Angle Mounting Bracket
  • DIN Clip Screws
  • Mounting Bracket Screws


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