EG4xxx DC Power Supply

SKU: TPC-DC-Finished


When measuring AC power, all AC line voltages must be connected to the applicable line inputs (L1, L2, L3, N) on the meter's 5-pin power plug.

The EG4xxx DC Power Supply is used to power the meter with 12V DC from a standard 120V or 240V wall outlet and comes with an international adapter set.

The DC Power Cable may be utilized for:
  • Powering the meter when monitoring a 480V delta or other high-voltage system that uses EV1000 voltage sensors for voltage measurements (leaving the 5-pin power plug unused).
  • Easily powering the meter from a standard wall outlet, for the use of programming the meter before installation or downloading data after removed from an installation.
  • Powering the meter if there are no AC power calculations and AC voltage connections are not connected to the 5-pin power plug.


  • Power supply with 2-pin connector
  • International adapters


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