PEK Component Pack 120V

SKU: PEK Component Pack120


The PEK Component Pack contains the parts required to install the eGauge unit in an enclosure with DIN rails. Compatible services: 3-phase 4-wire 120/208Vac, split-phase 120/240Vac. Enclosure is not included.


  • 1x DIN Rail Terminal Cover Plate
  • 2x DIN rail Terminal End Stops
  • 5x DIN Rail Terminal Blocks
  • 1x 15' Wire Set
  • 1x DIN-mount Receptacle
  • 2x eGauge Mounting Kit
    • 3x 6-32 3/16" Screws (for connecting DIN clip)
    • 4x #6 Screws (for connecting to eGauge)
    • EG4xxx DIN Clip
    • EG4xxx L-Bracket


  • Main Article (Please note that the articles show an enclosure but one is not provided)
  • Installation Guide (Enclosure may vary unless purchased from us)